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R and J Contractor Services is a fire and water restoration company serving the Baltimore metropolitan area since 2010. The company primarily services the areas of Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, and Howard County, Maryland.

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Home Water Restoration Services Home Fire Restoration Services Securing of Property after a Fire

. Securing a property after a fire gives a homeowner piece of mind and protects their possessions. Homeowners should take money, guns, and jewelry the night of the fire. All other items must be secured inside the home. The insurance company must view damaged items before they can provide compensation to policy holders.

2. Fires happen all times of the day and night. R and J Contractor Services is always available to help customers secure their properties 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

3. Windows are boarded shut from the inside of the home. This way they cannot be opened from the outside. Doors that are functional receive a lock and hasp. Doors that are not function are typically boarded shut. A lock box will be provided so that a key can be stored on site after the fire. This will allow access for all essential personnel.

4. After the house is secured, it is important to stabilize the environment to prevent further damage from smoke and water. The best way to stabilize the environment is by using Dehumidifiers and Air Scrubbers. Dehumidifiers are placed strategically throughout the structure to mitigate water damage and help dry the structure. Air scrubbers can help mitigate smoke damage by continually cycling the indoor air through a hepa filter. The right equipment can prevent damage to valuable and sentimental items in a home. Dehumidifiers and Air Scrubbers can be installed at the time of the board up. The sooner they are installed, the better the results. However, there are times when the damage is too great to benefit from drying equipment and air scrubbers. If there is no power, a generator can be used to power equipment. All equipment is charged to the insurance company.

5. Firemen will typically cut a hole in the roof of a home during a fire. This helps them vent smoke and extinguish the fire. R and J will tarp the roof and ensure that further damage cannot occur to the property. If the structure of the roof is damaged, R and J can provide structural bracing before tarping the roof.

6. The services of an electrician may be required the night of the fire. It is important to isolate the damaged components of the home’s electrical system. This way the house will have power to the sections of the home that do not have a damaged electrical system. R and J works with licensed electricians that provide emergency services 24 hours a day.

7. When temperatures are cold, it is important to winterize a property after a fire. This process involves draining water lines, radiators, and water heaters. It also includes adding antifreeze to toilets and sinks. After a house has been winterized there is no chance for further damage to the home’s plumbing systems.

8. Board up Services are paid for by the insurance company. After the homeowner signs an authorization form that allows R and J to charge the homeowner’s insurance for services, the process can begin

1. If you notice water damage at your property call your insurance company immediately to report the damage. Notify your insurance company that you are working with R and J Contractor Services. We will respond immediately, 24/7 365 and bring drying equipment to your property. Next, we will communicate directly with your insurance company to get authorization for services and bring drying equipment to the property. In situations that involve water damage, it is typical for water mitigation to begin before a representative from your insurance company can come to the house. The sooner R and J Contractor Services can start the drying process, the less damage the water will cause. We work with all major insurance companies. R and J Contractor Services can dry structures with several feet of water to a minimal amount of damage

2. The first step in the drying process is to remove bulk water from a structure. Materials showing physical damage or high moisture readings are typically removed from the home. However, all materials have a different tolerance for water and certain materials can be dried without being removed. R and J Contractor Services can help decide what must be removed and what can stay. R and J Contractor Services will be sure to save any items of your home that may be necessary as evidence for your insurance company. Our services are paid directly from the insurance company.

3. After the bulk water is removed and demo is complete R and J Contractor Services will strategically place drying equipment to dry the home. Fans and dehumidifies are the most common form of equipment used to dry residential structures. The drying equipment typically takes 3-5 days to dry a structure after demo is performed.

4. Moisture detection devices are used to ensure that a property is dried thoroughly. R and J Contactor Services will provide all documentation necessary for the insurance company to cover the claim. Upon completion of the water mitigation R and J Contractor services can write an estimate for repairs and perform the repairs as well.

5. The next step is to create an estimate for repairs. Most major insurance companies use an estimating software called Xactimate. The software uses standardized pricing system that can be customized for the specific features of your home. Most insurance policies will pay homeowners to rebuild their property to pre-loss condition. They will pay for the materials that were installed in the home before the fire. R and J Contractor Services will write an estimate for repairs to ensure that no details are overlooked. We will work directly with the homeowner to make sure the insurance company is aware of the quality and type of materials that were in the property before the fire. We can help you to communicate with your insurance company and make sure you receive a fair settlement. It can take several weeks of communication with an adjuster before a settlement can be reached.

6. R and J Contractor Services is always sure to check the homeowner’s policy for code upgrades. This is a coverage that is typically written in a homeowner’s policy. When the scope of repairs for a job reaches a minimum threshold determined in the policy, the insurance company is liable to pay for repairs that meet the current building code. This typically applies to the insulation and electrical systems. However, it can apply to other systems in a house as well.

7. After the settlement is reached it is time to sign a contract and start repairs. The main focus for the homeowner is the selection of materials to be installed in the home. R and J Contractor Services will create a breakdown of every selection that will be necessary to rebuild a property after a fire. We will work directly with homeowners so they know what selections are necessary and when those selections need to be made to keep the project moving forward in a timely matter. Depending on the homeowner’s preference we can help direct them to vendors and suppliers or even bring them to you. If homeowner’s have venders and suppliers that they prefer we can work with them as well.

8. Once repairs begin, it is possible to find damage that was not evident at the time of the initial walkthrough. These situations are common and supplemental estimates can be written up to two years after the date of the initial incident. Supplemental repairs can even be paid for a project after the contractor has completed an initial scope of work. R and J Contractor Services will work directly with homeowners and adjusters to help write these supplemental estimates.

9. Throughout the repair process R and J Contractor Services will stay in weekly communication with homeowners to give them status updates and even meet them on site for routine walkthroughs. This helps reduce the stress for homeowner’s and educate them throughout the process. We will notify them of timelines for necessary selections in order to make sure the project is completed in a timely matter.

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